100% Guaranteed To Grow Your 
Coaching Business...

100% Guaranteed To Grow  
Your Coaching Business...

What You Get:

Clients On Automation is a complete system that gives you the quickest way to grow your coaching business without drowning in what to do on social media.

Better yet. We are the only coaching company in the world to 100% guarantee you potential clients with us because we are the best at what we do. 

The COA System 9.0 comes with personalised support and is designed in a way so that we can guarantee you potential clients. If for whatever reason you do not get them in the set time period, we will work with you until you do. 

The COA System 9.0 comes with everything you need.  All you have to do is follow the setup process and you are ready to go so that you can get potential clients flowing into your business on automation without all the hassle, allowing you to focus on what you love to do.

We know that if we are able to take away the stress and complications, that you will then be able to serve your client at the highest level and thus get paid at the highest level in return. The Clients On Automation System covers everything for you. 

What The COA System 9.0 Includes That You Keep For Life: 

- Call Application Funnel & Content
Live Webinar Funnel & Content 
- Automated Webinar Funnel & Content
- Email Sequences & Setup 
Consultation Frameworks & Setup
Automation CRM Setup
Ad Script & Setup
Terms and Conditions           
- Client Contracts/Legals & GDPR 
- Signature Program Setup & Content 

About The COA System 9.0

What Is The Clients On Automation System 9.0?

The Clients On Automation System is a proven, done for you system  that you keep for life. We help you implement the COA System 9.0 into your business so you get high paying clients fast. 

What Makes The Clients On Automation System Different From All The Rest? 

Clients On Automation is not a course or a program. It is a personalised system that we help interject into your business, with live coaching and support that gets you high paying clients and then gets your clients amazing results. Ed built his own successful coaching offers. You are copying this to get clients. 

What Is The Investment?

The majority of our clients increase their incomes substantially in a short space of time, however, this is not a “get rich quick” process. Our team are here and ready to support you whilst you go through any of these times. As far as training costs for the system and support. Once the COA system is set up you keep this for your life as an asset for your business at no ongoing costs for you. 

How We Support You: 

1. Step By Step Easy To Follow Set Up
You’ll get access to our online portal which is a  step by step, easy to follow module process. 

2. Support 24/7
Any questions answered 24/7  with our team in our private forum. Our team becomes your team. 

3. Live Personalised Help
4 Live Consultation Clinics per week where we help you live with anything you need as you are implementing the system. 

4. Tracked Results 
Weekly accountability so we can help you track your results and keep you on track.

Will It Work For Me Fast?

We 100% guarantee it will work to get you potential clients fast in less than 3 months and if it doesn't we will support you until it does. 

Book a FREE demo and the team will asses If you’re a good fit, then we will invite you to join us. If you’re not a good fit, we will suggest what we think is the best path for you.

We only work with people we know we can help and the only way to find out if you are one of those people is to book your free demo of how the COA System will work for you to get high paying clients. 



1. Offer Codex

- COA Overview of how the method works
- How to best use the program to get results
- Offer CODEX overview
- Hitting monthly sales targets
- Developing a growth mindset
- 10k 100k per month mindsets
- The cost of inaction
- The cost of inaction
- Save time daily and get more done
- Offer CODEX
- Set up Signature Program

2. Making Sales

- Making sales overview
- Free organic methods to get clients
- Messenger setter framework
- Closer consultation process
- Setting up pay funnels
- Writing your HVG
- 1 simple ad solution
- Sett up your funnel: HVG To Consultation Call
- Setting up your pages for automation
- Ad Section: Set up your quick click ad

3. Signature Program Creation

- Signature Program Creation Overview 
- Getting your clients results 
- Planning your signature program 
- Create & refine your program on the go 
- Managing your program flow on the go
- Signature Program Template 
- Record/Edit your program on the go 
- Setting up your program in Kajabi 
- Collecting testimonials on the go 

4. Compelling Content Acceleration

- Compelling Content Acceleration overview
- Psychology of method content 
- Compelling content accelerator
- How to use your story to build trust 

- How to generate old method vs new method content 

- Writing your 3 pillars 

- Slide setup: Automated webinar to book a call 

- Setup recording your automated webinar 

- Setup advanced call funnel 
- Set up automated webinar to book a call ads 
- Pre call video 
- Overview of method video 

- Journey through your service video 

5. Mass Sales

- Mass Sales- Overview
- Growing your list 
Overview pre during after 
- Live webinar promo flow
- Pre webinar survey
- Live Webinar slides straight to consultation call 
- Live Webinar slides straight to sale
- Testing webinar titles 
Live webinar set up 
- Setting up your live webinar funnel 
- Live webinar email sequence 
- Ad Section: Setting up your live webinar ads 
- How to understand your numbers 
Didn’t buy survey 
- How to increase your sales 

6. Automated Sales

- Automated Sales Overview 
- Setup flow automated webinar to sale 
- Creating your mid level program 
- Automated webinar slides to sale slides
- Set up automated webinar to sale funnel 
- Automated webinar to sale email sequence
- Ad section: Automated webinar to sale ads 


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