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"184k in less than 6 months."
- Meryem
"22k in one month."
- Laura
"We'd never had success with social media and ads."
- Vivienne
"Now I understand how to speak my client's language I've closed 53k. Your support is genuine and authentic which sets you apart." 
- Nilesh
"I went from having a $500 program to a $5,000 program."
- Tiare
"I love the support."
- Zayne
"I was burnt out doing webinar launches and not getting any results either."
- Phil
"I didn't have a system in place and gave so much away for free."

- Ana
"I didn't know how to put what I knew out there as a 
course and coaching."
- Colin
"I had to change my mindset around sales."
- Jacqueline
"I got my offer fully dialled in and got so many leads I didn't know what to do."

- Delsina 
"I've taken a lot of training and I would never have done the things I'm doing now without this. I've built myself a lifetime asset which I never saw before. I finally feel that now I can do this." 
- Kimberly
"90k in less than a month." 
- Rob & Nick
"I was worried about  the transition period from 
my job into a full time carrier as a full time coach."
- Jennifer
"After 13 years it's given me the guts to do it."
- Laura
"63k in sales in less than a month." 
- Elaine 
"Do what Ed is teaching - just follow it and it will happen." 
- Serhat
"At the age of just 23 I was surprised that it could happen so fast for me." 
- Lauren
"I knew I was at the right stage  and  trusted the process "
- Coron
"It's the most complete program I've ever experienced." 
- Jens
"Before I joined COA I was trying to do everything at the same time ."

- Kareen
"I wanted to build my online business in a way that I could  but move away from social media."
-Coach Dati
"I needed that next level." 
- Kiley
"I now have 2 businesses in the coaching space!"
- Helena
"As soon as I started the program I got the self belief to 8x my price and I made my investment back in the first week."
- Lesley
 "I made 111k."
- Laura
"I'm a different person." 
"I just signed up." 
"I didn't expect it to be that fast." 
- Elysia
"I was spending too much time working." 
- Jlten
"I didn't know how to serve my clients at the level they deserved.
- Silvia
"The clarity support and structure is what makes COA the best
- Laytoya 
"In all my 40 years so far in business I have never seen results like this
- Viv 
"I bought other programs that let me down. This time after listening to Ed and how is he different I fully committed
- Rita 
"For me being able to attract my ideal client without organics has been my biggest challenge thats why I joined COA
- Jo 
“I made 10k in one day.”
- Lisa
“I thought… is this real?"
- Coach Dati
"I trust you. You've never not delivered."
- Rebecca
“This was the best decision for me" 
- Michelle 
“Just do it, it changed everything for me. If you just follow the process, it will change everything for you as well, it’s a no-brainer!”
- Jens
"11.8k in less than a month." 
- Naim
"5k in the first week."
- Veronica
"100k in one month." 
- Gary
"I'd been thinking about doing this for 5 years."
- Meryem
"150k in my first 4 months." 
- JP
"I stalked you for 3 years before jumping in and I wished I had of done it sooner"
- Lidia
"I paid off my debts and increased my income by 3 times." 
- Emilia
"We popped in 150k in sales." 
- Ayron
"30k in a month - that's what I made as a student in 2 years." 
- Stefan
It's a no brainer."
- Lisa
"I'm on holiday and I'm working and I'm getting paid - it's amazing." 
- Robbie
"I spend 90% of my time doing things I absolutely love and that I'm really really good at." 
- Heather 
"It's the missing piece." 
- Lloyd 
"My profit margin has gone from 10% to 90%." 
- Kevin 
"I'm a 7 figure entrepreneur thanks to Ed." 
- Jonny
"At my age the technology was pretty daunting but what you've given us is fantastic!"
- Richard
"31k in 2 weeks."
- Vivienne
"The support is the best."
- Josephine
"I was a lost consultant before COA."
- Naim
"This program has changed my life."
- Ana
"I had been coaching for years without any real success..."
- Jens
"I generated over 20k in less than 6 months."
- Serhat
"COA is by far the most structured course I've come across."
- David
"I've been able to start my business."
- Yaiza
"The support is world class." 
- Vivienne
"60k so far." 
- Bill
"I am seeing life from a totally different angle."
- Nogoni
"I've now got 2 businesses."
- Elaine
"I paid for my son's school fees in a week."
- Sarah
"I'm absolutely thrilled."
- Phil 
"In 8 weeks I launched a group coaching course and collected 20k." 
- Laura
"I left my company and started my coaching business in a month."
- Meryem
"Ed brought something to me that no other coach had..."
- Gary
"I am shooken to the core."
- Lauren
"They go over the top to make sure you're successful." 
- Kiley
"Just received my 10k award!!"
- Caronita
"Taking on the official new path as a mentor & coach at age 23!" 
- Lauren
" I’ve finally learned to charge what I am worth and my prices are going up." 
- Delsina
"100k in less than 6 months." 
- Meryem
"I joined the 10k Club!!" 
- Elaine
"I feel really excited and happy." 
- Jo 
"10k Goal Reached 💰 WOO HOO!!" 
- Michelle 
"Last year I started with COA and since then everything changed for me!" 
- Jens 
"Massive thank you !You have changed my life 🥰" 
- Lesley 
"Thank you Ed for my 100K award. Could not have done this with out you❤️❤️" 
- Vivienne 
"Thank you Ed &  the team! Starting my 4th week I have a system in place that is running and clients who are booking!" 
- Aaron
"I entered the world of $100k Club by making about $120k in the past six months.  Big thanks Ed! "
- Elaine
"49k in sales so far.  
My award speech! "
- Yvan
"Thank you Ed for including me in the pursuit of your dreams! Just got the most beautiful 10k trophy! "
- Amy
"I'm so grateful and thankful to be part of COA! It's changed my life!!  "
- Teresita


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